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My opinion regarding the "not die" rule:
Raids are a team effort. If the boss is dead it is a successful kill, regardless of an element having died or not. We have fights where some people are literally bait and are prone to die so that other more important elements can survive and this does not diminish their value as a member of the team.

However, I do not agree with submitting parses of wipes, even if the boss is at 1HP. I know sometimes it's damn near impossible to validate if a kill actually happened, but we have to rely on some sort of honor system here.
Thats all true indeed. The problem would not so much be the being dead, it has more to do with the shorter fight. 1 example is someone that has done 47.000.000 dps on 1st boss TfB HM/NM and therefore topping the charts. This one is easy to spot ofc, but what if the fight time is 250 seconds (instead of the normal 320-ish). Is that just good dps or a crook?
At least I assume this is the reason.

If it means that we get lesser crooks I would exclude dead peoples parses (inlcuding mine). If paowee and airwulf are willing to do more micromanage / take more risk the new rules could work.
If you take my 1st parse for example. I know we killed the boss, I know i only went dead right after the boss was down. Can I prove it? No. Depending the rules its an Honorsystem indeed.

A middleroad maybe would be that if someone doesnt make it out alive he/she needs to link the killparse (from groupmember) and extend the parse with empty time after it. (a bit what airwuld has suggested now).