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W.Horror: i would love to get some feedback on this boss on how people do it?, boss is dead, we are stuck in fight for like 12 seconds, so real ending numbers even with dps delay, were like 3.2 - 3.15... ive seen few parses in there where i dont actually see the "boss dead" at the end, people just know these and /stuck at the end?, just want to know what rules we playing with so its fair.
My understanding is that you are allowed to trim the log on TORParse immediately following the boss kill, thus eliminating the extra combat time.

Trimming on TORParse ensures the kill is still verifiable if any of these situations occur:
  • You (or someone else in your group log) got the killing blow on the boss
  • You leave combat shortly after the trimmed log end (adds killed)
  • The next fight in the log is the trash in between bosses