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7) No mid-fight deaths (resulting in shortened and thus skewed parse). If you die during the course of the fight and are rezzed, parse is considered invalid (must be full length from start of boss pull to boss death). One caveat to this rule - You may remove the exit/enter combat lines between your death and rez to display a full length fight, and if you die at the end, you may edit log to contain the 'extra space' after your death until boss death (if you do this, bear in mind that a corroborating fight duration parse from a guildmate may be requested - you are to use the full fight duration supplied by your guildmate who survived through boss death). This rule may change, but seems fair enough.
I would like some feedback on this expanded rule.
It's definitely complicated, but I think these edits comply with what I overall think is a 'legit kill parse' - tougher to edit and tougher to validate, but as a DPS I do know that sometimes you will do everything you can and still die within the last 5 seconds of the fight when your guild goes on to kill it.
I think those instances should be considered for a leaderboard (with that extra empty time added at end, reducing your actual dps).
Interested to hear any thoughts on it though. It's certainly much simpler to just say 'no deaths whatsoever' but I do think that could exclude a high number of record parses in NiM.
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