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Preface: I'm the maintainer and moderator of the Ebon Hawk DPS leaderboard thread.

You should probably read my wall of text that I put above the actual leaderboard. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when talking about DPS balance. I'll try to break these down into categories:
  • Single-target on-demand burst
  • Single-target sustained damage
  • Sustainable AoE damage
  • Sustainable burst-moment AoE
  • Execute windows
  • Utility
  • Flexibility

Dummy parses measure exactly one of these categories. If you have a spec which excels at *all* of these but falls behind in single-target sustained damage, is that unbalanced?
Thank you KBN. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Too many people look at DPS meters and leader boards and think that that is the end-all-be-all of everything DPS while in reality it isn't even the start. So many people have even claimed that it is necessary to bring all snipers or maras to certain fights when that is simply false. Because of the way SW:tOR is designed, in most cases it is possible to "bring the player not the class" in terms of raid composition however there are some notable exceptions which you made very clear. There is no fight in the game at any level that is impossible with a certain class in a certain role. Some are made more difficult (eg: bringing a shadow on Dread Guards means that player either has to be perfect or the rest of the DPS has some DPS to make up for) but they are all more than doable.

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Remember, it doesn't matter if all or none of your DPS group got onto the leaderboards. What matters is that the boss is dead.
This is going in my Signature. Perfect.

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I take it you play the Sentinel or Gunslinger in that setup? It's always easier looking on the bright side and having faith in Bioware if your class is extremely strong.
Most hardcore PvPers I've known from other games know that in order to min/max in PvP you have to play the FotM. Certain classes will always be stronger in PvP and the only way to consistently beat that is to have alts who you are willing to play. Maybe everyone is going to think I'm stupid for saying that or an elitist jerk, who knows. Its true though. Its also true that some classes need some love in ALL aspects of the game but if you really want to win and win consistently you have to be willing to play the hand you're dealt. As for KBN he is actually a tank MS. Guardian, I believe and has been for quite some time.

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Class balance is not good, and they need to address it in 2.4.
First off, in all honesty they don't "need" to do anything. They could shut down the servers all right now and not owe any of us anything. Second, class balance isn't great at the moment. Some classes are right where the should be (Snipers), some are damn close (Marauders, Juggernauts, Sorcerers and I'd argue Operatives) and some fixes for 1 tree or another (Powertechs and Mercenaries for both of whom Pyrotech is absolutely worthless - there might as well only be a combined 4 trees for that class) and one needs a complete overhaul (Assassin tanking needs to be looked at as well as Deception and Madness DPS). For 8 total Advanced Classes only ONE is truly broken. That is pretty damn close to evenly balanced. If you want all the DPS specs to be even then you do not understand the INSANE amount of utility just being able to taunt or off-heal adds to the game. If all DPS were even there would be no place for Pure DPS classes.
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