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I think 100% of us would answer: make that change exactly.
I'm in the minority but personally I like it the way it is at the moment. Sure it's boring but comes in handy when you need that extra something.

If our class was seriously lacking something then ok I might disagree with you but be honest we are by all accounts in pretty good shape compared with how some other classes fare.

I want a situational cooldown that is something you have to strategically save for the best time to use it, and then get a lot of use on it.
That's the thing, in my opinion it is.

Honestly, the Hemorrhaging Blast energy cooldown sounds...not good.
I'm old fashioned I guess but I've never been comfortable with having a skill that doesn't cost anything. That being said I'm not experienced with the lethality class so if there's an energy management issue I wouldn't know. What I will say though is I'm sick and tired of lethality snipers just tab dotting getting high damage as a result and think they had a great warzone. Sure the question was pve but his suggestions effect pvp too. I'd be in favour if there's a slight damage reduction in the dot abilities to compensate.

Glad to know that wallbanging is legit. I like doing it.
It's a cheep, nasty manoeuvre and doesn't take any skill. Not counting that I don't believe any class should be able to do that amount of damage that quickly to one single person (more if there's any idiots around). They should remove that from the game in my opinion (and I'm a die hard engineering sniper), yup I'm asking for a nerf on that one.

As for not finishing you can say there could be an answer in there.
We don’t intend for Scatter Bombs to be rotational in any way
I read that as saying they'd like to find a way to stop it from being used rotationally whilst still allowing:
we’re okay with you trapping an unsuspecting enemy for a “wall bang” every now and then.
which I've already given my opinion of above.

When compared to Lethality or Marksmanship, Engineering feels rather clunky.
Agreed but then it's always been like that. I've always felt that we've lacked something but I couldn't say what, for me our utility has always more than made up for it. So with that in mind, does it really necessarily matter if we are a bit clunky? I'd be concerned about them making changes which dumb the spec down and that's not something I'd be in favour of.
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