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12.22.2011 , 11:38 PM | #1
Ok first off, I did not do the X next to the crew skill like you do when you want to unlearn it.

I had 3 companions out running missions and I wanted to use one for a heroic that was on a mission. So i cancelled her mission and then tried to summon here but she would not summon. I said no biggie, I cancelled the other missions and then was able to summon her. After I summoned her i could see a countdown still on the crew bar on the bottm and when i went to resend the others on crew missions there was no crew skills there , like i never had crew skills before.

I had 400 slicing, 289 scavenging and 189 UT. I restarted game, logged out and logged in.

Has anyone see this? I submitted a ticket in game, hope we have ingame help.