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08.07.2013 , 03:48 PM | #1
I would like to take a moment, to familiarize everyone with the damage output on competitive DPS leaderboards across several servers. Begeren Colony, The Ebon Hawk, Jedi Covenant, The Harbinger.

At the moment, Gunslingers and Sentinels are the hands down best choice for all your damage dealing needs. Their damage is consistently high, one provides the armor debuff you'd need, and you can stack Inspirations without penalty.

Why would anyone want to do anything but full Sentinel for their melee DPS? At least with ranged, you have the choice between Commandos or Gunslingers as they are almost identical in output and performance, but Sages under-perform by a very notable amount.

But critically, why does almost every single DPS option play second fiddle to Sentinels with their gloriously high damage, and group wide DPS buff?

I'm not calling for nerfs, but why aren't we even seeing the inklings of damage tweaks across other classes? Have devs talked about this already and I somehow missed it? And if not, why not?