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I did both in SM, and the one without Mr. Blys in HM. The SM was a joke, but I expected that. Anything that doesn't require a tank or healer is bound to be laughable to any competent group. We then did the HM version, and one-shotted everything. I'm a well-geared tank, and our healer is really good as well, but it was still what I would call easy.

I was hoping for pre-pre-pre-nerf Lost Island, and got nothing even close. If anything, the HM's should be harder.
Have not ran it yet, but sadly, I am probably going to agree with when I run it tonight, provided our MT is on. I expect it to be a walk in the park with my combat medic. I was hoping for a challenge, but with your post just, i'll likely be dissapointed. Oh well, at least we can 'carry' a new DPS through it to gear them up without having to run SM ops. But all of this could be premature, who knows, maybe we will wipe. But I highly doubt it... Our 4 man team is skilled... as for our 8 man... Well, that is another matter entirely, though better than the majority. Good enough to beat the 8HM ops (GF, TFB, S&V) - So, I guess I will find out.

That said, BW, PLEASE bring challenging 4 man content. NiM requested as well...

Edit ** N/M, my MT just texted me and said 'hate to dissapoint, but we did them last night and 1 shot everything' - So, color me dissapointed.