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Quote: Originally Posted by Zandilar View Post
I just want to clarify.

I have 13 characters on Dalborra. I have 7(?) on Harbinger. Consequently, I cannot transfer all my characters from Dalborra manually as I come up against the hard limit of slots I own (currently 13) - though still below the maximum number of slots I could have (22).

My Dalborra characters will be merged over to Harbinger in the process of consolidation, and all will be available to play. Yes? No?

I do want to end up on Harbinger with all my characters (as it is where I started playing).

A timely answer to this question would be helpful as I'm very busy and may not get the chance to manually transfer (if that is what you're telling me I need to do regardless of slot limits) if I don't find out soon enough. (I have had this question answered by fellow players ("don't worry your characters will all move to Harbinger and still be playable but you won't be able to create new characters until you reduce the number of characters to below 13"), but would like something official.)
Hey Zandilar,

As long as your subscription remains active you will have no issue accessing all of them. All of your characters will be available for play after the merge!

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