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So some guildies and I tried the new FPs last night, and since they're in the same Group Finder tier as the previous 55 HMs, we decided to jump straight into the HM versions in order to knock out part of that weekly at the same time. To be blunt, we got our butts kicked, so we downgraded to the SM versions just so we could clear the CZ-198 weekly. To be honest, we kinda felt insulted by the transition. Here's what we observed:

-packs of trash that were all decently powerful strongs and elites on HM were retardedly easy standards and strongs on SM.
-ALL bosses on SM have a clickable healing station that fully heals the entire group. This, to be honest, feels like hand-holding of the worst kind, as even our healer was DPSing during most fights since we could just clck the panel and get a full-restore without effort.
-CZ-8X on HM took us about 3 or 4 tries to be able to down him, largely because his Charged Plating attack would drop us to 30% or lower if we weren't quick enough to get out of it or if we got pulled back into it. On SM, the same attack barely touched us, and the only reason I even bothered moving out of it was to practice for the next time we tried HM.
-Zokar stonewalled us on HM. We got to the point where we could get him down to 10-15%, but by that time he'd hit 5 stacks of Weapon Arsenal and demolished us with rocket launcher attacks that literally chopped off 75% or more of our HP in one shot. And yes, we always tried to get out of reticles for everything he did, but his attacks always seemed to hit us anyway, even when we were a good 2-3 meters outside the reticles. On SM, we slaughtered him while he was still at 3 stacks and didn't even notice taking any significant damage during the entire fight.

Now granted, none of us are uber-leet players to any degree, but we ARE competent and decently geared. Our two DPS (me being one) and the tank were in full 69s and 72s (the other DPS and I were also fully augmented), and our healer was in 66s and up--not the best gear she could've had, but we've managed to regularly clear every other 55 HM with little to no difficulty with this same party. Meantime, I'm also aware that the SM versions are considered "Group 2+" missions, but so was Esseles, and that FP, while not overly difficult, NEVER felt like it was Hello Kitty easy like these new ones are. We literally spent a couple hours trying to bash past the HM version of one of the new FPs and failed, but we smashed through BOTH FPs on SM in less than an hour (we probably could've gotten through them even faster than we did if we hadn't started screwing around once we figured out how easy they were), and there were really only one or two times during the entire thing where anyone took any noticeable damage.

Now before anyone says anything about me "whining for a downgrade" because I need to "learn to play," that's not necessarily what I'm doing; a downgrade to the HMs would be nice, but that isn't completely what I'm suggesting. Basically, what I'm saying is this:
-the SM versions feel like they need to be boosted a bit, because honestly, I was laughing the entire time I was there because everything was so retardedly easy to beat.
-if the HM versions are supposed to be on the same challenge level as the other 55 HMs, it feels like someone screwed up somewhere and the bosses need to be scaled back a bit. If, on the other hand, they're SUPPOSED to be this hard, then fine, leave them alone--but put them on a different Group Finder tier so those of us who aren't good enough to beat them yet can still clear the 55 HM weekly without having to abandon and requeue every time we get one of the two new ones.
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