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I don't think this is so much a cry for more content, but more CLASS-SPECIFIC content. The only reason SWTOR has a stranglehold on my wallet and my free time over WoW is that, despite the same basic missions every planet, I get a whole storyline I've never played when I start a new class. Class missions are why I fell in love with this game, and knowing that the class-specific missions are most likely dead breaks my little Sithy heart.
They are a big part of what's kept me around for so long now - and sadly they are pretty much at an end for me, my last two alts need to finish up a few more planets (well, one planet in one alt's case) and then I'm completely through all the Class stories.
Going through Makeb at least four more times holds very little appeal for me compared to the class stories.
So definitely /supported as well!
I'd buy those packs without a doubt, though it would be cool if they were handled the same way the Secret World handles their new missions.
Thanks for showing us you listen to our feedback, Bioware!
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Suggestion for letting us add certain story characters to our Strongholds.