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After a quick tour last night, I'm disappointed with CZ-198; at least with the initial onslaught of players, things were very cramped, and while it's entertaining to stumble across opposite faction players, it's very very unstructured in that regard. The overall scope is also a far cry from the other daily areas, even the rather constricted Black Hole appears bigger, and even with having to wait for some mission objectives to respawn, the daily missions are through very quickly.

The two "flashpoints", in story mode, are yawn-inducingly easy with very few, if any, encounters posing any real threat and weird cliché elements like the ultimately useless Red-vs-Blue Flesh Raiders. The Meltdown flashpoint, which is said to be a race against time, turned out to be just normal grind with no special game mechanics, and while I'd hoped for some System Shock atmosphere, that chance has passed by without any influence on gameplay. Hopefully that's better in hard mode, but I don't assume the "race against time" or any original content will actually make an appearance. Contrasting this to the lovely once-per-character instances from the Shroud arc or the excellent atmospheric design of Kaon Under Siege, it's just pathetic.

Oh well, that leaves a companion to be bought and mounts to be grinded, and hopefully the bounty event is going to at least bear a slight resemblance to the advertising.

(edit) To be fair, the new assets are really beautiful, and the whole thing is a visual treat. From the variable environments in the Meltdown flashpoint, to small things like the diorama showcasing the potential customers for space gun platforms.
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