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12.22.2011 , 11:11 PM | #5
Well at first the Assassin/Shadow class really appealed to me because when I played WoW years ago I really enjoyed played a rogue. I leveled one to 12 or so and it was okay, maybe I should have given it more time.

To be honest, my playstyle really depends on my mood or what I feel like doing in the game. If I am going to group up, I'd like to be a healer or dps. I have never really tanked in any game. For PvP I don't enjoy being a healer as much, so I mainly focus on DPS.

Most of my characters in other games have been healers or damage dealers. I should say that I have never been a ranged damage dealer before (sage/sorc) as I kinda always liked to be in the middle of the action I guess.

I guess a sage/sorc may be good to start out with before I can DPS or heal and can melee when they get too close...