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08.06.2013 , 07:16 PM | #139
The change is horrible. The seeker droid digs was something nice added to the game to give players something to do. Yea you dug up alot of trash, but at least you made credits off it. Now you make almost nothing in credits and it's become trivial how quick you can now get the armor and speeder parts. Really you wanted to change it that a person can get all the parts for the speeders in less than an hour? As that's what I've been able to do now.

What is the point of doing the seeker droid digs anymore when there is nothing new to dig up? The more unique items like com boxes and such are still just as rare, but instead I get piles of the same armor and mount pieces. At least before I could get some gear/mods for alts, or make credits while looking for that rare stuff. But why bother when I already got all the unique pieces in only a few hours? You trivialized it.

My GF loved going out and doing the seeker droid stuff when she was bored, it was a fun side activity in the game and added something non combat to do, but now you have killed that for her. Unless you plan to implement a ton of new items to toss into the dig sites, you have pretty much ruined a neat little side activity for many people.

And sorry but claiming the dig sites were affecting the economy, get real, how out of touch can you be? You can earn so many more credits in far shorter time by doing the countless daily quests in the game and earn far better gear. Yet the lower level stuff being dug up was somehow affecting the economy and crafters? lol what a joke.

At least make it worth our time to come back and do this, before we at least would have a little money flow. The rewards now are a joke and what used to be hard to get is beyond easy to aquire. It's boring, why would I want to come back just for a chance to keep getting more of the same speeders and armors?