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Quote: Originally Posted by Airwolfe View Post
I'll do the categories just like the dummy thread, with 5 slots per each class per fight.
Operative+sniper are allowed for the same person. Sniper+Gunslinger is not.
Hmm you are going the masochistic route huh >_< haha.

Per class comparison works well on the training dummy thread because that is the only method of practicing outside of an actual raid. There you can break down the logs to see what you did right or wrong in comparison to other people playing your same class. In an operation however where everyone is subjected to the same conditions like execute range, armor pen debuff, bloodthirst, everyone will more or less be in "equal footing" (gear disparity aside) as they try to compete with each other. In a raid we can see different people using mechanics, strategies and even AoE to come close if not do more than the DPS the other thread tells us. I guess this is why i'll be tracking and putting parses of everyone under one category (which is per boss). It should foster a more intense competition not just between your own subgroup of AC but with ALL the other ACs in the game. Probably will try to keep track of the Top 10 instead of Top 7 to give more people a chance to go in, be competitive and devise cheesy strategies (acid blade respec? ) to climb up the ladder and beat the other more popular classes

*cough Sniper / Marauder*

Just my /2c

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