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How about paid DLC-style class story packs which would feature continuation to our class stories?

Featuring new personal adversaries, friends and old allies alike? Sold in DLC-style similarly to Makeb and released over the year, perhaps in 3 month breaks. A story pack could feature two different chapter-long stories, one per mirror class. Which should result in about 10-15 hours of gameplay. There are so many planets in SWTOR at this stage that it would be reasonable and really cool to make those missions take place in some instanced areas, added for the purpose of story packs, on the existing worlds. In my opinion, using already existing worlds and adding few instances (you did it for the binocular quests!) would cut the costs. It would be also great if those story packs would include Theoretika or MacroBinonacular style of quests.

Do you really think it would be too expensive? This is totally in the style of Mass Effect / Dragon Age DLC (all that voice acting and new missions appear to be even more than I suggest for the mission packs) but here we could totally set on using plenty of the already existing assets.

I think it would be satisfying for all the lovers of personal stories. I really hate how it is going right now and Makeb-style shared stories are not satisfying for me.

In my opinion we're getting way too much cartel market stuff monthly. Maybe we could cut this by half and have cartel market team try making paid story content?

Regularly added class missions, spread over time like this, might work. Not to mention that releasing one smaller pack, instead of one huge one with stories for each class at once, would give some ground to test how well they can sell.