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This is priceless right here, had me LOL'ing..... I don't even wanna think about writing one of these because almost every single FP I've run in the past 3 weeks could be in here. Have all 3 tanks, been getting healers that refuse to heal me without guard. Healers that refuse to heal me out of combat EVERY single time. Assassin DPS in dark charge standing 10-15 meters out using only force lighting(every 45 seconds or so). PT DPS standing 30 meters away the entire time. Healer with 22k HP telling me I was a bad tank and my gear sucked cause I don't have 40k HP(was on my PT with 2400 point stat budget ideally distributed according to KBN #'s). That healer also kept ************ at me cause " I wasn't holding agro"... well yeah when he pulls a pack of lizards in athiss at the same time I do, ill let him try and tank it... I lived... he died in 2 secs .... it's the same every single Tuesday.. ill leave work in a few min here and prob get 3-6 of the worst pug HM FP's ever... I honestly should start recording them
Why would you expect a healer to heal you out of combat? You are supposed to use your own rest ability to heal up between fights.
Mal - Define interesting.

Wash - Oh God. Oh God. We're all gonna die?

Mal - This is the Captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence. So we may experience some slight, turbulence...and then explode.