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I quite possibly had the worst healer in the galaxy today.

Hammer station story mode, I am tanking on my new juggernaut, and get into a group with a 19 sorc healer 19 merc dps and a 15 sniper. We greet each other and go on to the first pull, which the sorc pulls, not bothering to wait for me. We go through a few pulls and I have not received a single heal....and died 3x. I ask for heals and point out to the sorc (who was attacking a target with his saber) that he heals. He says he knows. We wipe on some more trash (sorc was overloading every.single.pull.) We get to first boss where the sorc types "WAIT FOR MY FORCE TO COME BACK" we wait while he sits there doing nothing. I tell him to seethe to regen force and he does and seems amazed. On boss he lets me pull, but then runs up, overloads and thrash spams until he is out of force, causing me to die to the laser. He then says "sorry was outta force" and the dps clean up the boss. We keep going with his overloading and meleeing and remarkably nobody dies. We then arrive at the second boss where he types again "WAIT FOR MY FORCE TO COME BACK" despite him being at full health and force. He stands there and then rapidly types "go" and pulls the boss, making my job even harder. He runs around with his rotation and magically we do not die.

The boss drops a cunning vibroknife meant for the sniper, but the sorc needs on it. We ask why. He says Khem needs it. ./facepalm. We tell him Khem does not use a knife. The sorc continually says he does. We just let it drop. Mostly the same stuff with trash until some before final boss, in which the sorc commands me to heal (during combat) because he is out of force. He has no idea that I already blew my stack of medpacks due to his lack of heals, and rages at me when I do not use my magic heal skill that all level 16 juggernauts posess. Rest of the run was uneventful, besides his standard "NO FORCE" cry before each battle. He still managed to keep up his massive dps "thrash/overload rotation, and even ran into the sweeping gunfire (I had boss turned around and was sidestepping it.) He was promptly added to ignore.
This is priceless right here, had me LOL'ing..... I don't even wanna think about writing one of these because almost every single FP I've run in the past 3 weeks could be in here. Have all 3 tanks, been getting healers that refuse to heal me without guard. Healers that refuse to heal me out of combat EVERY single time. Assassin DPS in dark charge standing 10-15 meters out using only force lighting(every 45 seconds or so). PT DPS standing 30 meters away the entire time. Healer with 22k HP telling me I was a bad tank and my gear sucked cause I don't have 40k HP(was on my PT with 2400 point stat budget ideally distributed according to KBN #'s). That healer also kept ************ at me cause " I wasn't holding agro"... well yeah when he pulls a pack of lizards in athiss at the same time I do, ill let him try and tank it... I lived... he died in 2 secs .... it's the same every single Tuesday.. ill leave work in a few min here and prob get 3-6 of the worst pug HM FP's ever... I honestly should start recording them