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08.06.2013 , 01:41 PM | #17
Haven't done any content with Treek yet but I'm looking forward to it. I'll use her as a Healer for my Shadow and Tank for my Sage.

Didn't have time to mess with the Tauntaun mount quest yet. It looks like there are 2 options to get one? Pay uber credits or go to a nest. I need a guide for this lol.

I LOVE how they made a Cartel Bazaar for all the new stuff being offered in this latest update. The whole area has a nice vibe to it. Very 'Star Warsy" imo.

Finally a hat for my Bounty Hunter reminiscent of Cad Bane. I've wanted that since he hit level 50.

Tonight I will be banging out some of the Czerka quests. Did a few on the PTS and enjoyed them so hopefully tonight I can dedicate a few hours into it on one of my toons.

Great job with the recent updates BW. Looking forward to getting my feet wet in the coming weeks especially with the Bounty Contract system. Now we need Pazaak tables and swoop racing to give it more of a Star Wars feel. My smuggler is tired of fighting and wants to relax a bit lol.
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