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08.06.2013 , 01:32 PM | #647
I recently healed for a 55 HM and joined in a group that was already in progress. They were at the first boss and the original healer quit after a few wipes. I eagerly jumped in to help as I was a well geared, experienced healer and I had done this particular FP MANY times before. In short I was very confident that we would be fine.

A long story short... we wiped... HARD. I just couldn't keep the tank up despite all my effort. I thought I failed until I checked the tanks armor and discovered he was in DPS gear but had Q'd as a tank. He had NO damage mitigation what-so-ever.

I brought this up as gently as posible (really, I said it very kindly) and got insta-flamed. I was told that if I was a better healer he wouldn't have died and we wouldn't have wiped. I very quickly figured out why the last healer quit. I attempted to see if the tank had some TANK'y' gear to put on but again was insta-flamed for my suggestion. I apologized and quit the group as it was very apparent it was not going to be able to be completed.

I quickly learned two things... :
1) Always check the "tanks" gear
2) There are some arrogant, angry people in the random GF.