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08.06.2013 , 11:13 AM | #12
interesting post i like it, tbh since HM / NiM have not been updated in torparse, or incomplete fights, have not updated logs from raids in months lol... but ill just post my Last Week Runs on my sniper, and update it while i upload more stuffs .

Carlenix - HATRED - Sniper - MM - 36-3-7 - 8 Man

TFB last week... Carlenix Sniper

WH: 2749
DG: 2713
OP: 2441
Kephess (doing Lightning Balls): 3545

SaV ... Carlenix Sniper.
Dash: 25446
Titan: 2420
Trasher: 2307
Chief: 2629
Warlords: 2526
Styrak: 2396

Note: this is not all my best runs, i dont know, just my last week TFB, and our last week SaV which was our title... just to give you some info to there for the time until more people post stuff good luck with this... will compare with this week, and update if there are better.
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