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08.06.2013 , 10:52 AM | #9
LOVE the update. It's amazing how barely nothing was added to CM. One would think tauntaun would be cm xclusive but here we are... Surprised!

Stalling enjoying new stuff until I am done with my work in two weeks. can't wait.

Just make dyes go into collections and I am going to be mind blown at this stage with my hood-down robe.

New legacy armor is a beast for bounty hunters. Looks exactly like my favorite Imperator but it can be dyed. Will definitely wear once I'll start a mercenary.

What I find seriously disappointing... Is that we're given a choice of a jetpack and no jetpack variants! I *request* Bioware to give us such choice in the future in regards of hoods =] Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.