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Here a little rant about a tank I met like 30 minutes ago.
I hopped on my 29 sorc alt and hit the groupfinder. Mandolorian Raiders SM pops up.

The group was doing well, lv 25 tank was a bit more suicide-ish than usual, but he had decent gear so I could easily heal him. And then we reached the dog pull...
As many of you know, this isn't the easiest of all. This time was no difference but it was doable until...
Group thought all were dead but I agrod the last one due to healing. My force was at say 32% right now with a base force of 500 (I know I should get middle tree but I never had trouble with 500 force).
Keep in mind that I am the only one who knows there is 1 dog left.

At this moment I type in help, hoping the tank would pause for a second to regain some health. No he rushed in with like 74% health (not that low but still, you're engaging a boss) while I still have a dog attacking me AND I had already typed help in the chat.
There we went, fighting with me having huge trouble keeping evyone alive since my force is really low at the moment. Lucky one of the dps aided me for a moment and we made it.

Next part went ... well the tank wanted to kill all the things and we wanted to skip. Whatever things went fine anyway. The rebublic boarding party went fine.

Later on close before Mavrix you have 2 turrets. You know those things that you cant skip, just impossible (keep in mind, lvl 25-30 people). The tank decides to skip them, like leaping to Mavrix and skipping the turrets.
Wait wut? Yes really... My tank who wanted to kill ALL the things decided that he wanted to skip the turrets which cant be skipped. The 2 dps and I were just.. we didn't know what to say. I still cant believe it actually.
So the tank skipped the first 2 turrets. I throw a bubble on tank and turn dps mode to make sure those turrets are daed before Mavrix jumps to a corner.
So the turrets got killed and we went to the tank. Eventually We're getting at the hopping part where Mavrix jumps to corners and spawns 2 turrets
Guess what the genius tank does.. Yes indeed he ignored the turrets.
For some reason he was not that hard to heal so I could add in some dps and all went fine in the end, but still... I told him multiple times to focus on turrets first, at the last corner he fianlly listend.

So I decided to write this post while queu'ing for another flashpoint.
All went very well, met some nice people and a marauder needing on the 2 things I need, and winning both (remember, I am a sorcerer, I need willpower stuff and he doesnt). First time he wanted to give it to me, but he was limited by this games free to play limit. He can't trade! For some reason I was in a forgiving mood and decided not to kick him. This led to him ninja'ing the second willpower thing I needed. This time I 'yelled' at him and he told me to fk off......

Rant over.
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