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Special Notes:
Here I'll note specific edits which may be made on certain bosses, in what I think is the most uniform and fair manner.

Dash'roode- * Parses have the RNG component of 'lost in sandstorm' which somewhat reduces importance of dps leaderboard here.

Titan 6- * This fight may contain (a short) stop dps call, so bear in mind this mutable component.

Thrasher- * and in 16m, it is noteworthy that some guilds take the dps easy for the first 50% and then burn for latter half, using the strat of ignoring mass-spawn adds. This fight may contain stop dps calls on 16, so bear in mind this inevitable, mutable component. On both modes, especially 8, dps is less meaningful due to role fluctuations and RNG (firebugs).

Operations Chief- * and may be edited to remove droid aggro on the way - so that the log is started as soon as Operations Chief is aggroed (not when you personally first damaged it, but the first person in the raid).

Olok The Shadow- *, Otherwise - you must remove all combat drops from the log. Fight must encompass bodyguard/wealthy buyer, Droids, Olok and his final phase adds.
This fight is obviously not a real DPS race though.

Cartel Warlords- * - if there happen to be adds. I believe achievement is given at boss death, not adds (needs confirm).

Styrak - no edits needed that I'm aware of.

Writhing Horror- * This fight may contain stop dps calls, so bear in mind this mutable component.

Dread Guard- *(though unlikely ever happens) plenty of RNG on dps, particularly in 16 man and even more particularly for melee (puddle placement).

Operator IX- * (though I think no end editing will ever enhance a parse here or be necessary).
However I consider it valid to edit the beginning off in this fight prior to 'blue console clicked' - because that is the point at which the fight truly starts. A raid can screw around for several minutes beforehand without any adverse affect.

Kephess the Undying- no edits. This fight may contain stop dps calls, so bear in mind this mutable component.

Terror From Beyond- You may edit the 'I'm auto dying and squirming around' animation at the end which lasts 10 seconds or so. I think that's the only edit which is permissible.

*Edit 1- may be edited at end of the log to where boss is dead but adds still alive, as once the boss dies, you beat it anyway.
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