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Well I haven't won a single piece of gear from Xeno, but i just enjoy this type of mini-Operations. And Tobborro's popularity clearly shows I'm not the only one.

They could have the ship with Xeno actually leave Ilum as usual, but then travel to other planets instead of disappearing from the game compeltly. Say, each week it would float over different world map (Dune Sea at Tatooine, somewhere on Hoth etc) and players would just use a teleporter booth on ground to get straight to Xeno inside the ship above. It would return to Ilum along with rest of Gree whenever Bioware feels like bringing the event back. It definitely fits the 'story' of the ship.
I can't say I support this...part of the fun is that I haven't run it in a while & that is what makes this special. I don't want another gear grind -- my opinion.
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