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I have only been playing for almost 2 weeks now, and in love with this game I am only level 26. So to throw this in the game for level 50+ really slaps me in the face, and to hear about how you really didn't do much i'm kind of glad I can't go there and get these rewards and cool equipment because everyone is not impressed. Also in the cartel market all the armor I see in there is just terrible my armor is always better so maybe you guys can get some new armor in there that is useful. Much obliged.
Dude, are you serious? You've only been playing for two weeks man, chill out & play the game. It's a bi-monthly event & will be back in a month or two. This isn't a slap in the face...are you even paying to play the game? I've been here since launch, & I will tell you SWTOR is an amazing game. Sit back & enjoy the ride bro.
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