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This is particularly a problem for Zealous Leap and Force Sweep, which have built-in self roots (Zealous Leap also has a slightly random component to its animation, so you can end up leaping into stupid). As for Cauterize, if you're moving when you start the animation, it acts as if you were jumping (i.e. with spacebar), and so you can actually control your movement while in the air during the animation. Still requires some commitment before hand though, which is annoying.

KBN, something I think has to be established for the devs to consider anything like building rage/fury during inspiration, etc. is that we are, in fact, whether its movement or animation issues, lagging a little behind snipers and even other ranged classes with all operation bosses, even the ones with very little movement. If "fixing" something means it will break what they see as a proper class balance, I'm sure they'd rather let whatever the individual class problem is stay broken.