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It could also be argued that those trying to engage in off topic debate are also to blame for the "bickering". If you disagree with him and think he won't prove his point, move on. This forum is filled with opinions.
Well... to be perfectly objective.. the entire thread topic is "off topic as it is nothing but a meta discussion about perceptions of forum behaviors, mixed with the usual suspects trying so hard to crush the game with words, a game they still apparently pay a subscription to play.

But these days, the forum mods let us have some latitude as a community as long as we don't devolve into personal attacks and character assassination campaigns.
Judgments are often inaccurate because the brain relies on cognitive biases over hard evidence. Cognitive bias is the tendency to make irrational judgments in consistent patterns. Researchers have found that cognitive bias wreaks havoc by forcing people to make poor, irrational judgments.