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I think it can be hard to balance the mechanics between difficulty due to excessive damage, challenge due to required techniques, and not over-doing the tank and spank mechanics. Honestly endgame would be boring if every fight was pull main, dps adds as they come, and stack for heals. I find that the difficulty of some runs drops once you get into things and get a flow and it's still a challenge but enjoyable.

Guess we'll see how I feel about NiM once I'm there, but as long as it's fun nothing wrong with close fights.
The problem with the NiM DG fight is that it was severely overtuned at release. Players who were fully geared and had seen the HM incarnation dozens if not hundreds of times by this point, recycled content is recycled and whatnot, were wiping not due to the mechanics but to the ridiculous enrage timer. The mechanics were difficult to say the least, the damage from the bosses kept the healers stressed, the tanks were forced to contribute DPS to the priority boss while maintaining aggro on their secondary boss, it was fun and arguably the most fun fight to overcome thus far in the game. It was a terrible fight from the endpoint that the enrage timer wasn't realistic for anything other than a solid group of 8 top .5% players. Difficult fights that end with LOLENRAGE aren't fun, they're just tedious. Having seen all 3 of the bosses that come after the DG and putting less total pulls to down all 3 than we did for the Guard alone, one can safely say that pre-causual nerf the fight was not on par with the difficult of the rest of the instance.

They "nerfed" it and added 20 seconds to the enrage which made it completely realistic for any guild that could reasonable expect to meet the DPS and mechanics requirements for the subsequent bosses. Honestly the enrage for Terror is much harder, it's just the mechanics are so linear that you can find workarounds to maximize damage uptime. The Dread Guard fight required you to /roll every pull for healer or cheesable Dooms and Death Marks or you'd lose too much damage to make up for. We killed it with the extra 20 seconds, we killed it again without an enrage, and we titled before the big nerf came. Now the fight is a joke for us, which sucks because we can't engage a challenging boss in the instance anymore, but it's nice from the standpoint of RELICFARMLOL. There's still not a ton of NiM TFB clears, let alone titles because of the DPS requirement of Terror, which again is much higher than the Dread Guard ever was. We kill it weekly and have yet to see a non-Enrage kill.