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I usually just try to forget the bad experiences, and remember only the good ones
However in this last week I switched sides from Rep to Imp to level my Op healer and PT tank. Well… it was a quite surreal experience. There are some bads on the Rep side of my server, that’s true, but on the dark side it’s like 75% of the time, there’s at least one terribad/weirdo/clueless player.

I got into a False Emperor FP with my tank. As a reflex I’ve put my guard on the highest mainstat melee dps, an assassin in this case. Suddenly he tells me to put it on the healer. When I say nope, it’s fine where it is atm, he still insisted to put it on the healer. I’ve just told him: well, be my guest and tank, if you know better. His reply was, and I quote: “No, I am no tank, I’m dps. Pls put the guard on the healer or I leave.” At that point I started to get fed up, since I was after a very tiring day and it was 4 o’clock in the morning. Despite of my better sense, somehow I still tried to reason with him by asking, “do you know anything about how agro management in swtor?” Now also the healer chimed in, telling her point of view: “well, you should put it on the most threat generating dps, maybe the sniper” (her guildie btw ). Still, the assassin couldn’t be reasoned with so after a final cry for justice on his part (basically repeating to put it on the healer or he leaves), I’ve simply answered: “Don’t let the door hit you on the arse. Btw if you’re outta here, please look up how tanking works in the game. cya. The healer lol’d, the assa left
The replacement was a little bit clueless (at least that’s how I put it, ‘cause the healer used the words f***ing and idiot), pulling before me, or pulling when three of us were avoiding, trying to ninja on a drop, but passing on the other.

Another time, now at lvl55 with my healer, I got into Athiss. One of the players, a sniper, opened on the wrong group of mobs. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it before too late and we wiped. The tank immediately called for a vote kick on the sniper. I myself voted not to kick and told the tank, that I wouldn’t kick the dps for one mistake. Reply was: he’s alwys doing that. And with that the tank left, even before the dps could‘ve said: who are you?
Unfortunately we got no queue pop for a tank replacement, so I just switch to my PT and queued to get In the same group with a new healer.
Rest of the FP went smooth. Except, when the same sniper agroed a sorc (maybe got pushed into it), next to the guardian that I was holding. Ofc with two mobs only we never came close to a wipe, and at least we had an excuse to make a few jokes

But there are countless little weird moments in PUG FPs.
Like the guardian tank, which I had to heal through a HM Cademimu in his Black Hole dps gear (I’ve asked him, to skip the bonus boss, and now I cannot help but wonder if I could’ve healed through that too).
Or the vanguard tank in his half dps gear (he said 1/3, which only proves he cannot count either), from whom we asked if he knows the tactics of the first boss of Mando Raiders (that question was not out of accident btw…). He said “yes I’ve done it before”, then he promptly started to tank one of the beasts, and when asked why didn’t he took the boss away, his reply was that “I couldn’t heal him if his far away”.
Again on the dark side, there was this lvl50 player, who apparently had no idea how to get into the Battle of Ilum FP. VIA GROUP FINDER! We tolerated him killing mobs on Ilum for about 10 mins, then when he said,” I’m going ” and by going he meant going to the fleet, he got booted.
Also in this same FP we had a sorc with 3k+ endurance and 2,2k+ willpower. My guildie asked what had he done for a dps gear? The reply was: Hehe, I’m always getting that question.” Well, in this case I think it stands to reason, why doesn’t he do a thing about it then
Or the quite funny moment when you realize that you have a level51 tank with 12k hp (!) in your PUG Xeno 8m SM group and not kicking him on sight. He was on the boss the whole time, never caring about anything, just tickling it with his lightsaber. The only thing saving him from getting the boot is that we’ve managed the fight at first try (as usual, since SM is really easy mode, at least for the decently geared players).

These are only the most recent moments that I remember, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be more weirdness when I log in today. Plus the triple of that on Tuesday in the new hardmode FPs xD