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08.04.2013 , 03:36 PM | #624

**Incoming transmission**


:::Playback initialized:::

Ms. Woods,

Due to the events regarding Czerka and the Galactic Republic-- I will cease to define anything from there-- I would like to ask a little bit about all our applications.

Will we be stormed by holo-net officials? Will be be subject to interviewers? Will our personal lives be at risk?

I have no doubts in your company, ma'am. I support our galaxy, and support Czerka even more. But, I do understand that these applicant may not want to be in a galactic spotlight. Even if I don't mind-- Working with Czerka would ease any discomfort-- maybe some will.

I'd also like to hear about progress in my own application.

Thank you.

---Dennthoro Vizla---
Your Republic has driven a blade into the heart of the Mando' people. Now prepare to have a blade deriven into you Jedi!--Spac the Heartless