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08.04.2013 , 12:41 PM | #9
Well, here's my questions:

1. Merciless needs to be up full time, but with some of your current boss lineups it's a problem and gimps DPS, since Watchman do more damage when reaching a full Merciless stack. Not that I have a hard time keeping it up, there's a large amount of players who do suffer from this. Will there be a change to this in the future? My own suggestion is to drop the CD to 6 seconds (like a full stack of Merciless), giving Merciless a small damage boost to the next Merciless cast in the next 7 seconds or something.

2. Any possible tanking builds for a Sentinel? :P DPS waiting queues are annoying, gunslingers and sentinels have no choice but to wait for an unknown amount of time (it's why I don't even queue for flashpoints anymore and raid with the guild at set times). I mean, two lightsabers can deflect stuff too right? :P (being creative, Kreia could control lightsabers in KOTOR, maybe an example..? :P)

3. The beloved Gunslinger class currently has a mainstat boosting talent, which is of course not present on a Sentinel. Can we ever expect this talent?