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At first glance, the Inspiration issue is valid, but then again, it is all about timing your skills properly and co-ordinate with the other sentinel(s).
Clearly you don't play Focus in PvE. No amount of timing fixes the fact that your rotation is essentially suspended and resource starved for fifteen seconds. Pre-2.0, this problem was addressed by building stacks using Stasis. Now, that really isn't an option, and so you basically lose an entire Force Sweep cycle, which is a massive DPS loss.

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As for increasing Focus single target DPS, I disagree. 10% is nothing if you think of the extreme AOE damage. Most bossfights include a lot of adds and the more DPS you have with good AOE damage, the sooner those go down, the less healing is needed and the sooner every DPS can turn back to the boss again. On the contrary, my problem is that for most bossfights it is best to go for the Focus spec already, I am bored of it, but it is more efficient than the elegant and exciting Watchmen that provides the group with healing and puts damage reduction on the boss. I would make the difference even more significant, Focus needs more AOE at the cost of single target, Combat needs more single target DPS, Watchmen needs more raidwide benefit so that I am forced to pick whichever is needed most.
What "extreme AoE damage"? I can think of one boss with consistent AoE (Dash'roode) and two bosses where large add packs play an important role (Writhing Horror and Titan 6). Even counting all three as fights where Focus excels, that's still the extreme minority of PvE encounters.

10% is a lot of damage. 10% is worth selling your soul for in certain fights (eg TfB NiM).
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