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08.03.2013 , 09:03 PM | #795
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Awesome slave boy outfit by this excellent artist, if ur on tumblr go like!
Oh my god that is exactly the sort of skimpy outfit I want for my male avatar. ;-; Too bad the link isn't working, I'd totally like it on Tumblr.

I am really happy about some of the skimpy male stuff they've been doing recently, but I still think that we need "silly" skimp because the slave girl outfits are silly skimp. I would really like to see something similar to that fan artist's interpretation or even just the silly slave imperial dancer outfits like you've put on the guys in this forum, Ixum.

Either way, I love this thread. There's so much lady butt hanging out in the game, which I definitely appreciate, but I'd really really love to see the same flimsy stuff on some guys, as silly as that is.