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For 2 hours I had the Traders Circle zone all to myself. About an even dozen times I would zero in on a site only to have the circle go red instead of giving me my find.

I have built 5 speeders, finally completing my Pleasure Speeder today and gave away dozens of other pieces to my GM to sell for guild credits. I have many suits of Dreadseed and SF armor. None of this is the point.

The point is that a lot of effort still goes into seeking, though now it is for nothing. You can't even make enough credits to cover the cost of 1 MK II buff, let alone the 6 you go through in an hour. The system wasn't perfect before, but it was a sight better than it is now. At no point should a GSI share certificate be the "special treasure"...nor should 4 basic comms for that matter. In an hour and a half before the nerf, I would make 150k credits selling everything to a vendor (or my repair droid because I had to keep summoning it and my mail box to empty my inventory).

I'm not advocating that back, but it has to be better than it is now. As usual, a game company overreacts and over-nerfs something without thinking. I shouldn't be surprised.
as usual, we wont hear a word out of the devs over this, and it will sit and rot. eventually they will wonder why no one uses it anymore and come to the completely wrong conclusion. meanwhile, they have the worst communication I have seen on any game in a long while.