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I really don't see how people can complain about the new seeker droid. I finshed my armor sets and all 3 speeders months ago but decided to try to get another Pleasure Speeder. I dug for 1 1/2 hours today. I found 2 Pleasure Speeder pieces, 6 Exploiter pieces, 4 Explorer pieces, 4 armor pieces, and a title. You know what I would have found in 1 1/2 hours before? Maybe an armor piece, a 28 enhancement, a some other worthless stuff before the sites got closed.
For 2 hours I had the Traders Circle zone all to myself. About an even dozen times I would zero in on a site only to have the circle go red instead of giving me my find.

I have built 5 speeders, finally completing my Pleasure Speeder today and gave away dozens of other pieces to my GM to sell for guild credits. I have many suits of Dreadseed and SF armor. None of this is the point.

The point is that a lot of effort still goes into seeking, though now it is for nothing. You can't even make enough credits to cover the cost of 1 MK II buff, let alone the 6 you go through in an hour. The system wasn't perfect before, but it was a sight better than it is now. At no point should a GSI share certificate be the "special treasure"...nor should 4 basic comms for that matter. In an hour and a half before the nerf, I would make 150k credits selling everything to a vendor (or my repair droid because I had to keep summoning it and my mail box to empty my inventory).

I'm not advocating that back, but it has to be better than it is now. As usual, a game company overreacts and over-nerfs something without thinking. I shouldn't be surprised.
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