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Alright, so it's been delayed by other matters that demanded my attention but here's the first of the proposed new mechanics I would like to add. It's a pretty simple one and I can't see it generating much controversy.

"Sweetening the Pot"

In this mechanic, outside parties are able to add credit rewards to a "pot" associated with individual bounties. At any time, an outside party is allowed to place a sum of credits into the pot. This sum cannot exceed the cost of the normal bounty reward. Additional credits from bonus conditions will not be factored into the sum. Once the bounty is claimed, individuals with credits in the pot must pay their credit sums to the successful hunter within a week.

Basically, this allows the community to incentivize the completion of certain bounties, likely difficult marks and to engage in a long term bet with other hunters on the matter. Think you have the skills to best someone? Toss creds into the pot and see if someone else wants to take up the challenge too. You only pay the credits you've tossed in. If you claim the mark, you've earned extra. If not, you've lost some creds.

I think this mechanic will give people more incentive to follow individual bounties and build a strong sense of community within the board. Let me know your thoughts, questions, gripes, *****es, complaints, and what have you.
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