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@Eversteam, eeeeee! First, poor Corso. Then, Audra, even back when things are more or less low-stakes she doesn't see much of a future for herself. I love Torian's practical outlook on life and finances. Simple, concrete. I also really like the touch of his being impressed by her strength. And finally, have me not only reading Quinn fic again but adoring it. Every word between those two simmers.
@OneShotTC, welcome to the thread! It can't be easy having the commander of Havoc Squad recollecting your opposing him in times gone by. Good to see Gault's survival instinct is as sharp as ever.
@Adwynyth, I choked on my drink at the end there. Just when I thought Swaindrix was going to turn out to be a softie!
@Lesaberisa, your second Mina piece is tantalizing. Also, Doc's scream being "surprisingly easy on the ears" had me laughing...I like the man, in some ways, but he deserves torment
Now I'm sort of scrambling backwards for replies, since I've given Wynston a couple of days to settle in my mind:
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I'm also noting that Wynston might not quite be ready to leave but he's in "good enough" shape and it will have to do.
Wynston merrily fails to take any new self-awareness out of this experience; if he absorbs any lesson, and this is quite unconscious, it's that when the women who are important to him won't give him what he wants there's always another woman somewhere who will. (He, um, isn't a romantic man outside individual encounters.) Here's what I envision as the immediate fallout (350 words because I don't know where to stop):

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More shagging blue people!

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I briefly wondered, if Pacha should have slapped Cipher Nine before spending a last night with Wynston in AFFECTION, but only very briefly.
A sound slapping was the reaction that competed most closely with what I ended up writing for those two. There were a lot of drafts of that scene before I decided she'd be irritated with Cipher Nine but still interested in her last moments with Wynston. Slapping is still high on the list of potential reactions should their paths cross again.
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