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Didn't get back from work as early as I had hoped but could go with something like this for the next batch of questions

We are seeing a lot of available spec choices for snipers such as; Marks, Engi, Lethality, Lethality-Engi Hybrid (not including the variations within each spec). What are the guiding design philosophies or goals for the performance of each tree?

For instance we see the 4 set bonus is specifically only really beneficial for full Lethality spec which leaves a situation where other specs must grind for the PVP 2 set bonus. Currently the choice for most in NIM raids would be between Marks or Lethality-Engi with Engi full only being used in very limited situations, if at all, (Large hitbox or very predictable bosses due to plasma probe being static and use of cluster bombs on rolls) and full lethality not really in use. Is this how you intended the specs and set bonuses to be used?

How do these goals change or evolve when designing for all levels of endgame PvE and Ranked/Arena content?
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