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08.02.2013 , 12:19 PM | #111
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Yea was thinking about this as well...

For OTHER: pve 5 and pve 8 has 7 votes. pve 11 has 4 votes...

Should we use either 5 (is Engineering working as intended?) or 8 (2pc pve/pvp versus 4pc pve)? In the meantime i closed the top 3 sniper thread. (eric) I have it saved, hopefully we can get a tie breaker soon
Both are pretty solid questions, and I'll definitely be supporting whichever we do not choose over on the Gunslinger side for our second round of questions.

The biggest advantage I can think of for PvE 5 is that it could be something we could see a change to relatively quickly. It's a pretty favored PvP spec as well, so might be something changed with the upcoming PvP patch.

On the other hand, I feel PvE 8 has a far larger significance to the overall Sniper community, because it affects all of our most played specs right across the board and it would give a lot more consistency to balancing and comparing specs.