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I really like question 8 for both PVP and PVE. For PVE, the 4pc is worthless for all specs save Lethality. For PVP, the 4pc is underwhelming.
I agree completely. The PvP piece can be situationally useful, but to be perfectly honest: not being albe to finish somebody off is much more likely to be due to LoS rather than range.

Why the PvE bonus is bad for most specs goes without saying, but I also dislike how it limits Lethality's accessibilty. Here are my reasons:

1. How many would choose to play Leth just after hitting 55 when they have a similarly playing spec handy that is actually complete straight away? I know I have personally done very little full Leth since 2.0, because not only is the damage without the 4pc not representative of what it is with it, but not even the gameplay of the spec is 100% accurate.

2. Even after getting the 4pc, people already using the hybrid have little incentive to switch to full Lethality; they're already used to hybrid, and hybrid does better in terms of numbers atm. If they were playing a full 36-point build already maybe they'd stick with it despite the numbers, but as it is now: why switch?

3. If you're looking to maximize your performance you probably already have a 2pc PvP bonus. If you also tend to switch specs depending on the fight, going full Lethality would also include either swapping armorings or full items. While this isn't an unthinkable thing to do, why bother when the hybrid is right there and doesn't require any of it?
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