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"What changed between design and Live performance for each of the four specs have occurred and how do you see their performances compared to each other?"
Now that I look at the revised version of #11, I think you guys misunderstood what I was trying to ask when I made the suggestion: I didn't want to ask: 'How are MM, Engi, Lethality, Hybrid supposed to work?'.
I want to ask more along the lines of the quote above: 'Do you guys think these 4 specs all perform approximately equally well? Is the choice of spec in NiM/ranked setting only personal preference (which niche do I want to fill with my sniper/what is more fun for me), or do you feel a spec is underperforming (lethality) or to depending on the right situations (cluster bombs + plasma probe)? Finally: Is the viability of the hybrid spec (which is one of the problems of lethality) intended?'

What I am hoping to get is insight on whether they think that <insert spec> is behind or fine. In the same way, I want to know whether they are happy with the situational dependence of <insert spec>. I include all of the 4 most used specs in the question because we don't know what they know and what they are thinking (yet) and maybe they would insert different specs above than we would. To include these eventualities MM is included.

I think this gets lost in the revised version of #11.

I am aware that this is coming very late, probably too late to make another revision. If it is too late, there still is a next iteration.