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PVE questions with revisions

#3 about Lethality vs Hybrid care of SandsS - Scyras - Operative Healer - POT5
New - A specific 5/18/23 hybrid spec appears to be quite popular at current due to higher dps. In your play tests, do you have any numbers that support this theory in comparison to numbers for full lethality snipers? Is Lethality in a good place right now in relation to the Hybrid and what, if any concerns, do you have about balance?

[I]#5 AngelsFlutterSky
#5 - Engineering snipers currently use a strategy of rolling Cluster Bombs to target a large or predictable boss. However, this strategy becomes unworkable when encountering less predictable opponents like Kephess the Undying or multi-target fights like Cartel Warlords and Dread Master Styrak. Engineers tend to fall behind Marksman and Lethality snipers in situations when they are unable to set up Cluster Bombs. In addition to Cluster Bombs, Plasma Probe's effectiveness suffers in high movement or quick target swapping fights, like Kephess the Undying and Styrak. This is due to the issue that Plasma Probe has no way of continuing damage to targets who have already left its radius. With Plasma Probe being a large portion of Engineering DPS, this is problematic in multiple encounters. Tight DPS requirements to clear Nightmare Operations can lead to players feeling forced to choose the “safer” option and switch to Marksman or Lethality, instead. What are your views on this perception of the Engineering sniper? How would you assess the Engineering sniper’s PvE performance – both strengths and weaknesses – in relation to Marksman and Lethality, and what might be done to address those weaknesses?

#8 Synavix
Old - A lot of work has been done to shift the emphasis away from PvP grinding for the sake of PvE gearing with recent changes made to many relics. However, many Snipers and Gunslingers are still finding it far more advantageous to stack a 2 piece PvP set bonus along with their 2 piece PvE set bonus. The PvP set bonus not only provides more DPS in most single target situations, but provides significantly more utility in giving our best AoE a longer uptime... Our 4 piece PvE set bonus, on the other hand, is almost useless for every spec except for pure Lethality... Are there any plans to (once again) rework any of the set bonuses with a future tier?

#11 Mathemagica
New - Sniper Spec-Design care of SandsS - Scyras - Operative Healer - POT5

Marksman, Lethality, and Engineering are all unique skill trees with unique playstyles. What are the guiding design philosophies or goals for the performance of each tree? How do these goals change or evolve when designing for all levels of endgame PvE content, and how do you know if each spec is meeting those goals? Finally, where do hybrids figure in the design process?


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