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The seeker now gives two messages, and maybe always did, but we notice it every time now because the finds are far more infrequent.

For any armor piece, I have so far ALWAYS seen, "Your Seeker Droid Found Something Interesting...".
I also see that message for the item that depletes the area, which has only been Purple Secure Crate or a Pleasure Speeder so far in my experience.

For ANYTHING else, I so far have ALWAYS seen, "Your Seeker Droid Found Something..."
This is when it digs up anything from a gray item, to a seeker boost, to a blue secure crate or an Explorer/Exploiter part.

I actually prefer the "Found Something..." without the Interesting tacked on at the end because if it digs up a "chest graphic", I know it will be a speeder part.
Yeah, I think we started to zone out the screen text during the "good old days" when you found all kind of stuff. Either that, or it was broken before and only ever showed the "something interesting" text and now that it has been fixed (like a pet, not a broken machine) we see both screen responses.
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