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I see what you're trying to accomplish by asking for full parses, but I'm afraid it will really not have any affect on the end result, if a player is unethically altering his numbers, you won't be able to tell if numbers are altered just from if they cut out the ending or's one of those "if there's a will there's a way" situations and frankly a bit sad people would even bother... You can dig deep and look for odd values in the parse.... But even that is no full proof way to monitor unfortunately...
Agree, if you cut the parse outside Torparse, theres more room for error plus mistakes... there are certain specs you cant just die and good, like dot Specs, i mean you can /stuck, but then u are the whole fight jsut waitting for the higher number to /stuck it?... as long as numbers seem real and parse trimmed in torparse at the end, it should be fine.
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