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08.01.2013 , 05:01 PM | #130
The seeker now gives two messages, and maybe always did, but we notice it every time now because the finds are far more infrequent.

For any armor piece, I have so far ALWAYS seen, "Your Seeker Droid Found Something Interesting...".
I also see that message for the item that depletes the area, which has only been Purple Secure Crate or a Pleasure Speeder so far in my experience.

For ANYTHING else, I so far have ALWAYS seen, "Your Seeker Droid Found Something..."
This is when it digs up anything from a gray item, to a seeker boost, to a blue secure crate or an Explorer/Exploiter part.

I actually prefer the "Found Something..." without the Interesting tacked on at the end because if it digs up a "chest graphic", I know it will be a speeder part.