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I guess I have a different take on it. I feel that if someone was trying to cheat, they would do it more stealth like and not bring their parse to attention by editing the endcombat... IMO, I am less worried about Mr Universe parse because he is trying to inch the most DPS he can be editing the endcombat for when he wants it to end. If he was trying to be unethical, he would not worry about the end time and start add damage to all of his HIB's and Pulse Cannon's... That way the parse doesn't even look fishy in the first place.

I respect what you are trying to do, I just feel you should retract your statement about Mr Universe. You should update the rules to explicitly in regards to this. Maybe you already have? I checked about 2 hours ago and it didn't mention it.
The contents of his parse itself are not the issue. The problem is that there were past precedents of this sort of thing going on, and the most legitimate way for this thread to be run is for all participants to be using the parsing methods, hence why the rules exist in the first place. The reason Mruniverse got a warning at all is because of the past precedents (and the lawyers in here will say precedents do not equate to desirable) and because it was not in the rules before. It's one of the things that was on my mind and this is my way to resolve it. It was not Mruniverse specifically but if I saw it happening one more time I was going to explicitly state (and I did) that it is no longer allowed.
I can't make people record videos or have gearing profiles but I CAN require you to upload your entire combat log without tampers.

And your example of adding numbers, while I agree to some extent, is skewed. The existence of murder does not make stealing okay.
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