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MisterMuse had his rules and I had mine. While you're cutting the endtime who's not to say you're not also "adding 100 here" and there. You're absolute correct that we're running on the honor system and here's my point: I want to see your log from start to finish. If you're taking the time to cut the endtime, I'm starting to think that you're doing something shady. I need to check these parses with especial scrutiny. I'm fairly flexible with the other rules, but manually rewriting your own log is something I will not condone.
I guess I have a different take on it. I feel that if someone was trying to cheat, they would do it more stealth like and not bring their parse to attention by editing the endcombat... IMO, I am less worried about Mr Universe parse because he is trying to inch the most DPS he can be editing the endcombat for when he wants it to end. If he was trying to be unethical, he would not worry about the end time and start add damage to all of his HIB's and Pulse Cannon's... That way the parse doesn't even look fishy in the first place.

I respect what you are trying to do, I just feel you should retract your statement about Mr Universe. You should update the rules to explicitly in regards to this. Maybe you already have? I checked about 2 hours ago and it didn't mention it.