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YAY! I pay 15 bucks a month but still have to PAY more for a new companion that I will just have to worry about somehow getting affection for.....

Ya. Bioware. If you are going to add a new companion, give people a way to earn affection that doesn't involve spending piles of credits for gifts.

And how about you actually give subscribers something for crying out loud!!! There is NO WAY IN H*** I am paying 1 mill credits for a blasted companion, let alone ANY cartel coins. This is just flat out ridiculous.
I completely agree with you, it must be another way to get money from people to take the shortcut and use the CC route rather than level up to legacy 40, even then F2P and preffed players more than likely won't be getting the comp due to the credit cap. BW is going down a dangerous path, reminding me of EverQuest to be honest.