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Question for Bioware (not sure if this is the right place for it, but the topic on it on the PTS forums fell off the first page) - everyone I've seen who has compared Treek to existing tank/healer companions has noted

(1) She has a smart AoE as a tank, which other tank companions don't (as far as I am aware?)
(2) She can outheal other companions in the same gear by a significant margin (40-60%, depending on the post I've seen)
(3) She not only has a cleanse, but it's also automatically applied by her HoT...maybe I'm just missing something, but isn't that stronger than the other healers' separate cleanse?

Is that disparity matched in your models? Intended? Just curious, as it seems like companions should have essentially the same abilities and one companion shouldn't be distinctly superior to another that has the same role.

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